What to do about Sam Allardyce

Like myself we all want him out but when you consider that next season the team who finishes bottom earns 100 Million you can see how important it is to stay in the PL.

Bilic is just an ex Hammer that’s it. He has no PL experience and would represent a risk, when so much money is at stake a risk too far so then they will need a manager with premier league experience.

They will have a conundrum to sort out in the Summer because even though the football is shit under Allardyce he guarantees safety for us. New manager means new players, getting them to gel and if it all fucks up we go down.

New stadium in the Championship represents disaster. Hey for all we know SA might just walk if rumours are correct and he leaves for QPR. My personal favourite is Benitez simply because he has the Prem experience.

So what do you think will happen in the Summer?


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9 thoughts on “What to do about Sam Allardyce

      • Of course he is enjoying it. Great tapas, fun social life, good working structures, passion for futbol and a sports oriented nation (every municipality, as small as it is, has its public sports facility, there you have the results over the last ten years, a nation 0f 35 million souls going strong in football, handball, basketball, motoGP, and so on). Plus the liga is fun to watch with a lot of quality players, not only kick and rush over there….

  1. Firstly, I understand about risk. Yes alladyce is safe, yes he has a decent record, but there isn’t any guarantee that any manager will keep us up. I think the board have lost faith in him and that’s major. Signing players for a manager is the first sign. No team has ever won anything or gone anywhere without risk.
    Bilic may not have prem experience but alladyce has never managed a national side or a side that has topped their respective league. Sorry but to say bilic only played for westham and that’s it is very niaive. The guy has a great record and plays football the right way. Alladyce has been found out and found wanting. If anyone were to take us down next season it would likely be him. One dimensional and one paced with no plan b that works. Moyes has something to prove but can’t take us to the next level. Benitez is a good option, a winner with prem experience but we need him in now to get us settled for next season and that’s not gonna happen. Bilic brings international experience, a great style of football and most importantly the support of EVERYONE at westham. The first time we have all pulled together in a long long time. No split loyalties…just backing our own with a style that’s our own!!!

    • Why would Bilic arrive any sooner then Benitez? Talk is Benitez is going to leave and wants to come back to the PL there is on Bilic leaving or wants to leave.

      Remember he’s getting a tax free salary in Turkey!

  2. This talk of relegation next season is defeatist. With the squad we have at present, hopefully sign Jenks, then cover keeper for Adrian, and 20/30 million on two or three quality additions (which with the sky money we surely can afford), Mickey Mouse could keep us in the top ten, let alone keeping us up. Remember…with the likes of Bilic we would be trying to win games.

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