We want our 2pts back!


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13 thoughts on “We want our 2pts back!

  1. Interesting you post this, as I thought about this when they scored. Sam was correct that in the normal course of a game, if there’s a free kick, corner etc. the clock isn’t stopped until the ball is back in play, same should apply for a penalty. I think there were about 20 seconds left of stoppage time when the penalty was awarded, once the kick was taken we would have been well over time. It should have been the last kick of the game. Referee got it badly wrong but instead of Hackett and the media being all over it, typically they’re talking about the Chelsea match instead.

  2. If this is the case, has anyone told BFS. Surely we have a case here that we can take to the FA. Just because the refree is slow to blow the whistle, doesn’t mean the game carries on.

      • I know we are not going to get the points. We support West Ham. We are not a lucky team, and the roll of the dice is always against us, but we need to go to the FA. The referee cocked it up, cos he couldn’t tell the time remaining, but the point is that the 4th official is the one who decides on extra time to play, not the ref. So he is the one who should say that as soon as the ball was blocked it was dead and the game was over, not the referee.

  3. Makes you sick of the performances from refs these days,do any of them know the rules anymore,from offside to these situations.
    But we were still to blame for letting this game slip,but i suppose we have come out pretty well from the last 3 games,spuds and saints away and manure at home,3 points but should have been 7.

  4. I never complain about refs but this season they are noticeably worse than usual. It’s cynical I know, but I can’t help but wonder if they are deliberately performing poorly in the areas where they want more help from the FA or where the rules are unclear.

    I have often thought that all these accusations of the offside rule being unclear were just excuses. It’s always been clear to me…until this season when we see goals like Song’s disallowed against Arsenal. They concluded on MOTD that the ref only made the right decision if he gave it against the right West Ham player. Surely either a player is offside or he isn’t. It’s gotten far too technical.

    In the Spurs game the ref would never had told Kane he only has one kick. Spurs don’t get the same shabby treatment that the rest of us expect. Plus they were at home and refs don’t like making themselves unpopular with home fans.

    The problem with the rules stated in the original post are the following statements:

    “When a match is extended…to allow a PK to be taken or retaken…”
    As Sam said after the game, the ref will claim that there were five seconds or so left on the clock to cover himself. So the match isn’t extended “to allow” the PK to be taken. It happened during normal injury time…according to the ref.

    “the extension shall last until the moment the PK has been completed, i.e.until the referee has decided whether or not a goal is scored”
    This tells us that the definition of the “PK has been completed” is the moment when the ref decides whether a goal is scored or not. On this occasion he will probably claim that this moment happened right after Kane put the rebound into the net.

    These rules seem to be worded in a way which leaves their meaning up to the interpretation of the reader.

    Personally I think taking this to the FA will be pointless because:

    – As TBI said earlier they won’t reverse the decision and gives us the points. It would be a first and would set a dangerous precedent which would lead to an influx of appeals hitting their desk in the future, every time that a team feels aggrieved at a refs decision.

    – They will not agree with us because the ref will state the above.

    – The same (or very similar) thing happened with Messi last night against Man City. He was allowed to have a follow up shot (or header) before the ref blew the whistle. It’s a different competition I know, but the FA will probably point to that incident and claim that refs apply the rules consistently and therefore we don’t have a case.

    Basically we have been shafted and we don’t stand a chance of a successful appeal. If we had stuck one or two of our other chances in the net then we would not be having this discussion right now.

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