Lawro predicts….

Yeah you guessed it 2-0 to the enemy.

Thing is he has a point. They are on fire right now and we haven’t been the same since…well last year. Add to that Allardyce speculation everything adds up to us getting a hiding which is why I’m going for a 0-1 win for us….



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19 thoughts on “Lawro predicts….

  1. All going well – 2 nil up. Totally understand why BFS thinks Nobes should come off, but why the fuck would you replace him with Carlton Cole when you’re 2 nil up?

  2. how come my last comment axed was it cos anti wotever if it was then stick this site up your fucking arse il not be back fucking wankers

  3. West Ham does have a good starting line-up. This game showed that. We had our best team out there.

    Things changed, when Noble was substituted for a good reason, by the way. After that Spurs just run over us.

      • Subs bench was pretty shit, but at 2 nil up, if Noble has to come off, surely Collins is a better fit & play 5 at the back. Or (and it pains me to say it) Nolan – club captain, steady head etc. But no, we bring on Carlton Cole. It’s fucking embarrassing. I’m more angry this week than after losing 4 nil to West Brom.

      • Noble had to come off, Allardyce told him why he subbed him when he came off. If he hadn’t Noble would of been shown a red eventually.

        Even though I don’t rate Nolan he would of been ideal to bring on instead of the anonymous Jarvis imo.

  4. And this is when it appears a player such as Nene could have been useful, match fit or not. Unless he is completely out of shape, he could have contributed with his experience and ball control for 15 minutes. But instead of that, no, we have Jarvis who lost all his challenges and seemed to run like a headless chicken. That was the real losing point. By the way, is Poyet still injured ?

  5. This was the dinosaur clearly sticking a finger up to the supporters, if Nolan wasn’t fully fit then he should not of been on the bench ,(as the case with Nene), but it was so obvious that he was the one that should of replaced Noble. Its been said many times, that if we have to use Nolan, then it should be as a late sub.
    The owners need to do the right thing as soon as we are safe, he doesn’t give a toss about the club, or the support.

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