SA Replacement

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18 thoughts on “SA Replacement

  1. id like to see other get the job what teams as he or she managed lol lets get Paolo & Julian in & John Moncur as midfield coach that would fire a rocket up this lot

  2. All right, I am going to shock a couple of you :

    How about these two ?

    Paco Jemez (rayo Vallecano)
    Fran Escriba (Elche)

    Great tacticians, get miracles done with very limited budgets. Young and ambitious, and will eventually make a name for themselves outside of Spain.

  3. got to be better than samsaurus coming how are Rayo & Elche doing in Spanish league as now Atletico having a go its better than the old scots prem when Celtic & Rangers dominated

    • Elche won second division title two years ago by a landslide. First year back in first division they struggled a little but but stayed up. They were playing attractive football, a lot of it on the ground and quick movements. Escriba did not hesitate to play youngsters from the lower categories. This year, the club is in financial disarray (bad management), but they have a chance of staying up, even though they lost almost half of the team (Carles Gil and La roca Sanchez play in Premier league, Botia plays in Greece, and so on).
      Rayo have a very limited budget but Jemez is seen as one of those upcoming coaches. They have been finishing consistently midtable. Again, these are unknown managers/coaches in England, but if I had to choose, I would probably look at Paco Jemez first. Ask Adrian what he thinks of these two. Pep Guardiola had never really coached anyone before making history with Barcelona. Klopp wasn’t really famous before Dortmund’s journey. So…

  4. I was surprised how many people came out in support of SA recently. I think the owners deserve more credit for where we are than SA does. I think it’s a bad call to let SA stay until the end of the season as surely additions for the squaf this summer should be being lined up now. I’d pay him up now & then you’ve got 2-3 months to find a replacement. You knows managers with morale standards won’t want to publicly associate themselves with WHUFC all the time we have s manager in place.

  5. BFS needs to go. Hammers are never going to reach higher level by relying on percentage football as the primary attacking option.

    The questions is do we want an experienced manager with an impressive CV (Benitez) or a younger one with ambition and West Ham background (Bilic).

  6. after reading hes article in the scum today he can fuck off now as he as no rapport with the fans or as ‘Arry use to call us punters he never apologies for hes losses or to fans who pay hard earned cash to watch the likes of Nolan & fathead O’brien who are not even championship players & now he says that Nene is not match fit ha ha this bloke is a joke but not as in funny

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