Pissed up mugs

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4 thoughts on “Pissed up mugs

  1. Whilst I understand and share the anger of these fans, what’s the best possible outcome they expect from this outburst? OK, they are probably a bit brahms, like you say TBI. But DS will not see this as a heartfelt expression of concern upon which he should act, but as shear aggression. Because that’s what it is. If you got that abuse would you be moved or inspired into inducing change at the club? Most of us would go home, kick the dog, shout at everyone who speaks to us for the rest of the day and do what we can to forget the whole ordeal.

    It just like to boo boys at the home games. It achieves nothing positive but just demoralises the players. Only the truly great players manage to turn that negativity into a positive response. i.e. Billy Bonds.

    I feel for DS. I wasn’t the David’s biggest fans before they took over and didn’t want them in. But they seem to have thrown everything they have into this club and this abuse is uncalled for. I bet those same fans were singing his praises during the first half of the season.

    **climbs down off soapbox**

  2. Like you I wasn’t overly happy with the appointment of the David’s but they have shown to have our clubs best interests at heart and at a time when we were calling for the managers head they stayed calm, didn’t make any rash decisions and steadied the boat. DS definately didn’t deserve this treatment and I’m sure that when the time is right (which will be very soon I hope) they will dispatch big Sam to the Jurassic park club to which his methods belong.

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