Lassana Diarra?

Apparently training with us, the former Chelsea, Arsenal & Real Madrid ‘star’ is without a club since leaving Lokomotiv Moscow in August.


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8 thoughts on “Lassana Diarra?

  1. Hasn’t he been a bit of a liability off the field though?
    And if he’s been released from locomotive Moscow… Then on the field he obviously isn’t doing the job either!

  2. He’s on the slippery slope. When he was paying for Real Madrid, he collected an important number of cards, yellow and red, besides distinguishing himself with numerous vicious fouls. I feel liability all around.

  3. Got to be worth a look – we only have 3 players that are effective in the 3 man midfield we play. Once Nobes, Song or Cheik are unavailable we end up with someone playing out of position, or worse…. Nolan!

  4. In this case I would say “fortunately”. We are thin, but why spend money unnecessarily ? Yesterday was a good example that we can hold on until the injured players come back.

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