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  1. this is a piss take do G & S think they r this is a East London football club not a swanky night club in the west end as for the OS they can still stick it up there arse as our home is the Boleyn ground

  2. I fear this is the 1st warning – we are ‘upgrading’ to a big club – & will be expected to pay for the honour. I certainly don’t have 140 (+vat) quid spare at the end of the month….

  3. I fear this is the beginning of the end for the average West Ham fan. What happened to affordable football we have been promised by our deluded/greedy owners.

  4. Totally agree with the comments,the average working class man/women are being priced out,i am still really pissed at the price for next season, that its over 900quid (i sit in the chicken run)havin been going to Upton Park for 45 yrs i feel very sick that we are moving to this new pile of shite,and the way the owners are going on is you would think we are a trophy winning side who are always in the champions league.

  5. This thing is as you say “upper class/high society” oriented. It targets more affluent clients. Given the OS is larger than the Boleyn, I don’t see it as negatively as you do. I still think there will be a space or offering for the traditional fans. I don’t see why different types of fans could not coexist in the new environment. Hopefully the pricing will also be affordable to the fans who have been long time followers.

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