So was Bony more of a risk then Carroll?

I quote:

“Whatever anyone says now, at the time a bid for Bony, unproven in English football, would have represented a bigger risk than Andy, an established Premier League player. The likelihood of achieving success, had we signed Bony, was far less than with Carroll.

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing but, at the time, we were looking at these two possibilities. In my experience over more than two decades in football management, you always have to minimise the risk.”

The thing is before we signed Andy he had a terrible injury record with a high price on his head. PL established or not Carroll was a much bigger risk than Bony….end of and I add Allardyce’s two decades of experience should of told him that but his pigheadedness overalled his brain.


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3 thoughts on “So was Bony more of a risk then Carroll?

    • Maybe but a 30mil plus top up to the transfer kitty would come in nicely and that will go towards more quality but of course that is not the case and Westham dont like making money on players we always make a loss

      • Basically DS wanted Bony and Allardyce wanted Carroll, plus DS went over SA and bought Sakho which makes DS more savvy in the transfer market then Sam.

        Two decades of experience my arse.

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