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  1. He has been let go until end of the season, maybe the owners realised that BFS wasnt going to play him, and cut a great financial deal, without losing the player. End of season BFS goes, we get Zarate back, having got some decent playing time and PL experience under his belt….just saying

  2. perhaps its time for bfs to go looks like hes gone backwards past few games how can we have just Valencia up front tonight with only Cole as back up oh its Carroll’s birthday today so was prob given a day off to get pissed also if take off Jarvis & Amalfitano then why oh why leave Nolan on & bring on O’brien ffs as Alan Sugar would say Fat Sam Allardyce your fired as letting Zarate go is not a good move when all we got is Cole its laughable

  3. I Totally agree with your comments, Sam is now proving that it was fluke that we played open attacking Footy. When Zarate was signed I was over the moon, he is exciting to watch, I think it’s Sams last season, a stupid decision to let Zarate go

  4. I cant see any way our owners could justify giving our clueless manager another contract. Once again he has cost us a match with his rubbish tactics. firstly…as stated in an earlier post how could he let Zarate go, and leave us with CC as cover, then we go one up in a match we pretty much dominated, he takes off all our forward players, and replaces them with the likes of Obrien instead of going for a second. Please don’t get me started on Nolan, the man has done a job for us getting us up, so credit on that but how the F..k is he starting (and finishing) so many matches.
    DAVIDS ……Get Sam out at the end of the season, and replace him with someone who knows how to use the talented squad we have built.

  5. Well he’s better than jarvis Cole Nolan poet and Vas the went to Everton away he changed the game just shows how pig headed bfs is and he fuckin fined him what a clueless idiot

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