Bye Zarate

Mauro Zarate has joined QPR until the end of the season – loan.
Not a happy bunny. This was his leaving message, according to the Mirror.


“I respect the other strikers at the club who have done a good job.
But I believe my record entitles me to respect and I have not had that from the manager.
The chairman has confidence in me. I know this because he brought me to the club.
But for this reason the manager has refused to play me. He did not want me.”

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7 thoughts on “Bye Zarate

  1. Typical useless Sam, a player with ability, and because he doesn’t know how to use him, he lets him go. The sooner we are rid of this fat untalented arse the better the whole club will be.

  2. Stupid Sam especially as the Sakho is going to The African nations quality player zarate see him come on at Everton and change the game 2 goals in 5 games why not loan out Carlton big mistake

    • I think he’ll stay fat Sam will go……it’s a loan deal yes..till end of season..I doubt the chairman would bring in a player they know from brum days and let him go that easily…it’s bye bye Sam end of season..I bet.

  3. BFS’s reply:

    “He wasn’t good enough to play as regularly as he wants compared to the others. It’s as simple as that,” said Allardyce, responding to Zarate’s claims that he had not been shown “respect”.

    “From a personal point of view, I’m better keeping my mouth shut and deal with it internally rather than joining in – clearly it’s is a lad who’s very frustrated about not being picked. But what he’s saying is not true.

    “When you look at what Mauro has achieved when he’s played compared to what Valencia, Sakho and Carroll have achieved, how much he’s contributed and what they’ve given and you’ve got that array of talent to choose from, then somebody’s going to be unhappy.”

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