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  1. Hopefully this result might just bring the idiots who have been predicting champions league, or even Europa league back down to earth. Even if we reached the Europa league next season we would probly also be relegated, just look at Everton. We should just be happy that we are not going to be in a relegation battle, and hope the fat wanker in charge can bring himself not to play over the hill Nolan, and out of his depth O’Brian next season, or at least our clueless owners get rid of all of them.

  2. I think its time that the premier league owned up to making mistakes by putting Man City Chelsea Arsenal Man Utd & Liverpool what they are today by the amount of live games shown if these clubs are suppose to be the elite of English football I give up thats why I love being a Hammer not a GLORY HUNTER by following the above shit. Stick with what we know I dont like G & S but hopefully there sell to the highest bidder when West Ham go to the OS then we can buy success now that would be boring as for Allardyce its hes last season according to some then who will we get? I agree Nolan time is up also O’brien Vaz Te Cole Jussi Demel there championship players id give Ravel another chance & play him in Nolan place behind front 2 as for West Ham keep calm the future is bright the future is Claret & Blue

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