Putting v Chelsea into perspective

I noticed a few moaners on twitter after the game. I like a moan but like I always say it ain’t really moaning it’s realism and I’m going to give you a slice of realism right fucking now!


Top 10 is very doable, UEFA cup would be outstanding but CL won’t happen. Sorry to piss on your chips…

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13 thoughts on “Putting v Chelsea into perspective

  1. At the start of this season I would have thought I was dreaming to be even thinking of a champions league finish so to be even anywhere near it this soon is a massive plus. As we have started the season so well our expectations are now high and I still think we will surprise a lot with how well we will do this season regarding being consistent but realistically the tottenhams, evertons, arsenals haven’t hit firm yet and are still around us points wise. A Uefa league spot is not beyond us but well need to be even better in the second half of the season to attain even that, champions league spot?? We can afford to lose maybe 2 games and draw maybe 3 to be anywhere near that…it’s not impossible but a massive ask!!

  2. After last season to in the top 5 at christmas is a MASSIVE improvement, some teams have’nt got going yet like Arsenal and the Spuds, so realistically a top 10 finish would a very good finish and a UEFA spot would be great

  3. It proves how well we have done to be disappointed that we didn’t get anything from Chelsea away.
    I feel that we should gauge how good we are on tomorrow’s match against the gunners, when I feel our inept manager might actually have a go to win the match, not like at the bridge.
    Firstly though, we need to play with eleven players, and leave Nolan indoors to finish his turkey.

  4. We may be in for a disappointing second half to the season. What with two lads of to Africa Sam still wants to play Nolan and Carroll more interested in the bun in the oven than the football, BUT hasn’t it been Great.

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