Are they out or are they out out?


Carlton wants to stay (of course he does no one else wants him) but the club want rid. Think he has half a season to go but will probably let him go in Jan.



SA basically said he isn’t in his plans anymore and isn’t even thinking about him. Taxi for Ravel!pic2


Hasn’t had a look in and has been a fucking disaster from day one with that 12 million price tag hanging over his head. Wolves must of been laughing when that deal was sealed. Reckon if an offer comes in for around 4-5 Million the club will sell.pic3


Vaz Te is Championship quality we all know that. He is totally down the pecking order and will probably go in Jan to a Championship club looking to get promoted.pic4


Sounders saying he isn’t happy and rumours are that he wasn’t SA’s choice. Either way I can see him gone now or in the Summer.pic5


Winnie Reid. Well no one should take this long to sign a contract so he’s off but it’s looking more likely for free in the Summer. Everyone saying Arsenal so let’s see if we can get Jenks included in the deal. I don’t care what anyone says he will be difficult to replace and we have made a massive loss on the fella!! Gonna cost us 10 Million at least (bought for 5 and going to have to pay at least that for a new defender to replace him)



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3 thoughts on “Are they out or are they out out?

  1. IF ….we could get any takers, the only one we would miss is of course Reid.

    C/C…… Great loyalty, but need his wages for someone we might use.
    Ravel….Let him go, and play Sunday league, after a belly full on a Friday, and Saturday.
    Vaz Ta…..Only here cus Big Sam is our boss.
    Jarvis……Waste of space on the bench.
    Zarate…..Decent manager would of found a way of using him, but Sam is shagging Nolan.
    Reid…..If he’s not convinced by now, let him struggle at Arsenal, can replace easy.

    See no problem.

  2. We can’t afford to allow quality players to leave for soft reasons. We are moving towards a level where we need to learn to fight to keep hold of our best players and (like Sullivan said) stop being a selling club.

    For this reason we need to keep hold of Zarate. We must!! The only reason he should leave is if he really doesn’t want to play for us anymore.

    The exceptions to this rule are Reid and Morrison. Reid because (assuming) he wants away and Morrison because he causes us too many problems. It’s a shame because he has produced some jaw dropping moments for us.

    The others can go although I will be very said to see Cole leave. I would like to see him stay as a bench warmer if he is willing, if for no other reason than his loyalty to the club.

  3. Ar$enal can have Reid for 20mil – We can then buy Jenkins a semi decent replacement at CB and start thinking about how we keep Song.

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