Hereford Utd.

Sad to read today of Hereford Utd. who have been wound up today – with crippling debts.

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Click for full story

Some may remember out epic 1974 FA cup tie with them. After drawing at Upton Park, we went out in the away leg, with Bonds, Lampard, Mervyn Day, Clyde Best in the team as well that day…..Hereford were in those days in the Southern League.

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One thought on “Hereford Utd.

  1. Not sure this is strictly true. I think Hereford were in the Football League by the time we were knocked out by them in 1974. We played them a couple of years earlier when they were in the Southern League, winning at the Boleyn after scraping a draw at their place. The replay in 1972 was played midweek in the afternoon because of the miners’ strike (i.e. no floodlights) and for some time it was at or near our record attendance. About half the crowd was school kids who had bunked off school to watch the game (myself included).

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