Allardyce: Stay or go?

Shitty rumour saying the club won’t extend and SA saying he will talk about it in April/May (seems a bit late to me) but anyway stay or Go?


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9 thoughts on “Allardyce: Stay or go?

  1. As I said before be careful what you wish for who would we get instead of Sam, Sam has got us out of the championship kept us in the prem last season with below the grade players and now with the better quality is doing a great job I say if we are in the top 6 this year he should be offered a lucrative contract for 3 years taking us into the Olympic Stadium.

    I do believe there are so called supporters who want us to fail under Sam so they can just say I told you so and will not give praise where praise is due and the media are no different.

    Common West Ham Common Sam Common on all of us on Saturday sing his name for the first time

  2. I do enjoy this site but the change in attitude towards BFS is quite phenomenal. It wasn’t 2-3 months ago that you wanted rid of him.

  3. I wanted him to go esp after being at the home game v Hull when he cupped hes ears to the booing of the team.they looked like scared rabbits in the spot light now I think we have a well balanced team we can push on with the game on Saturday then the test of 2 hard London derbies im sure I read that Song not going to African cup but I could be wrong anyway COYI

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