The Daily Star?

Dunno if anyone saw todays ‘EXCLUSIVE’ in the Daily Star today…….
Well, I’m not hungry at the moment, but will willingly eat my hat, & anyone elses if even there is a grain of truth in this story which they are running this morning: That BFS will not be offered a new deal in the summer, that him & his backroom boys will be out – despite the backing from most of the players, & even quite a few fans

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5 thoughts on “The Daily Star?

  1. I did see that. In fact, you know how very old stories sometimes pop up on Newsnow? I’ve even seen match reports from months earlier. Have no idea why it happens but that’s what I thought when I saw it. It’s nuts.

  2. if its true then G & S playing there cards close to there chest to see where the happy hammers finish at the end of the season as its been there money that as brought the quality we are seeing come together on the pitch & hopefully it continues with a new centre back & cover at left & right backs also a keeper on loan with a view to a permanent deal end of the season as for now carry on Samuel your eating our words for our boring displays last season

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