Rav: Stay or go?

Keep or get rid?


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8 thoughts on “Rav: Stay or go?

  1. Ravel has so much potential…
    But his attitude out of the game is the only thing at the moment that is making him get headlines.
    He needs to knuckle down and realise his potential!
    But the answer to the question…. I think he should go…

  2. How many chances does one person need in life, im sure there are young players who would give anything to have all the oppertunities he’s been given, he’s got great potential but i dont think his attitude is gonna change anytime soon

  3. GO…..We need to push on in Jan, and his wages, and with maybe CC, and Vaz Ta moving on, could pay for one useful signing that we can actually use in the squad.

  4. Not exactly comparing like with like here – But Ravel is nearly 22 years old. When Bobby Moore was 22, he was given the captains armband of England – & was only 12 months away from winning us the FA cup…….just sayin’

  5. One last chance on crap money, telling him that no other football club wants him and his luggage. If wants to play football, then this his time to convince everybody that he really wants to. If not, see you down the JobCentre, cos he won’t br playing football.

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