Sam Allardyce: How the tide has turned

That contract renewal is looming fast and now the ball is firmly in his court. He’s one of the highest paid managers in the world and he’s gonna ant the same or more plus he will want at least 3yrs this time.

If the club decides no there will be a ton of clubs lined up to take him. Also consider this is the best first half of a season I can ever remember so could another manager better it?

Well probably if a ton of cash was thrown at it. I still think that when we move G&S will look to sell up and some big money owners will then take the club over. But back to SA is he now finally worth his 3.2 Million a year salary?


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3 thoughts on “Sam Allardyce: How the tide has turned

  1. 6th place at Bolton in 2004/2005 is the best he’s done during his career. The question is, can he do any better with the footballing philosophy he has. In 2006 when he was still at the peak of his career, his team was beaten in the FA Cup by West Ham managed by Alan Pardew.

    This season he has the chance to reach the same heights as he did in the peak of his career.

    At Bolton he had El-Hadji Diouf and Jay Jay Okocha. Still, the team was built around the two Kevins, Nolan and Davies. He had muscle in the midfield and a little bit of creativity up front. That could take Bolton quite close to top four.

  2. That’s a really difficult call. 6 months ago I for one coukdnt wait to get rid of the chump. Shit tactics, no plan b and plan a was awful. I still think he has to find a way of playing carrol, sakho and Valencia but until noble is available again I can’t see that happening. Saying that he has showed that he can put decent players onto the pitch and that when pushed they can play foitball. Haven’t watched besiktas this season I still think that slaven is our man long term to take us to the next level. I would offer him another year, maybe two with conditions but definately not 3…

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