The thing about Reid

Two points….

1. Bad timing, he will probably be off in January and will be impossible to replace because no club will let their best defender go unless ca$h is thrown at them (or they are out of contract like Reid but then you have competition from other clubs)

2. Financial loss. He cost us 5 Million, will probably go for 3 and a new defender will cost 5 Million+ to replace.

This Bosman ruling sucks!!

Ballet with his new team mates...

Ballet with his new team mates…


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8 thoughts on “The thing about Reid

  1. Move Reece Burke up. The fellow showed promising things in his couple of appearances.

    Also, is Reid THAT good ? He was at fault last weekend against Swansea for giving too much breathing space to Bony on Swansea’s goal, then did it again on the action on which the same Bony smashed the ball on the bar. Plus a couple of avoidable “technical mistakes” which an experienced and quality player should not make. Granted, he is probably not motivated as he was last year, but still, if he doesn’t have the mental to be professional to the end, not as good as everyone seems to believe he is.

    There are a lot of central defenders that are probably as good as him for not too much money. See the italian championship, see the Spanish Liga.

  2. if he goes they could play Kouyate at central defence wouldn’t take him long to adapt plus we have plenty midfield players be worth a try then get a central defender in summer transfer window. with the talk of more out than ins in January perhaps keep Morrison sell Cole Vaz Te & dome head O’brien I still reckon a decent back up keeper is a priority

  3. Dont think he’s our best. He has been good, but has lost interest….Collins and Tompkins (face grab aside) give it their all….give a youngster a shot…we have an academy full of promise that we seem to let go to lower league clubs when I think if they were “blooded” in the Premier League would step up to the plate and do us well, or at the very least would sell for decent money rather than let go on a free

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