Top or Bottom rumours are linking players away not arriving grrr

Yes in typical fashion whether we be top or Bottom we always have players linked away…

Reid to sort out Arsenal’s defending problem


Sakho to sort out Liverpool’s striking problem

Fuck off both of you (but Reid will be off)

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4 thoughts on “Top or Bottom rumours are linking players away not arriving grrr

  1. No chance, even if they collected all there dole money together, we are going in different directions, and Sacko seems to have his head screwed on the right way.

  2. Personally…. It won’t happen, Sakho is on a 4 year deal, and we will reject any offer.. Unless it’s ridiculous money!
    Secondly…. Sakho seems like a humble decent man, he likes the team and he appreciates us fans.. I don’t think he will leave… Especially with how well we are playing! He’s enjoying his football… And if he left, he would be jeopardising his on career… Liverpool is full of mercenaries.. Like balotelli!! He would be silly to go to Liverpool and destroy the form he is in.

  3. Wouldn’t be the first player that decides to go to a team that will finish below us! I honestly think that the two David’s would let this happen the only one I see them letting go is cole

  4. Be surprised if Sakho left after 6 months. Liverpool are currently going out the Champions League (15 mins to go against Basel & 1-0 down), and not looking likely to qualify again this season. Reid just wants money so hopefully we pay it!

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