Cottee/McAvennie take a seat boys

The best pair we ever had but judging by what I just saw this could become an even better partnership. Even the stats are saying we are an improvement on 86.

Could we seriously make the Champions league next season..? Even Song might hang around….


pic1 pic2

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4 thoughts on “Cottee/McAvennie take a seat boys

  1. Pretty sure I said on here we should cut Carroll some slack until we’d seen him play as part of a two up front. With Sakhos speed and Carrolls strength this could be the starting choice. Now pass me the tissues so I can sort my nose bleed out.

  2. And we have Valencia & Zarate on bench or starting, all good sides have 4 decent strikers. I’m afraid for Jan as the big boys will start sniffing. We need to sort Reid out, but I’m a happy hammer, can’t believe how we r doing, oh yeah need to drop Nolan too

    • I think simply by ‘natural selection’, Nolan isn’t guaranteed a starting spot. Possibly, with this squad, no-one is.
      Can’t remember in recent history when we could of said that.

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