Allardyce must be kicking himself now

Yes he had a choice Carroll or Bony and because of the shit system he had in his head at the time he made the wrong choice. Before Andy signed there was a great debate on the net about who was the best choice.

I saw Bony play for Vittese when he destroyed Ajax at home with two goals. He was the obvious choice in my eyes but like I said at the time he didn’t fit into the style of football SA had in his head.

It’s ashame because now he would fit right in because we have now started to play like Swansea dishing out a more attacking game. But last week we could all clearly see that without Enner and Co we reverted back to hoofing the fucking ball up to Carroll and hoping for the best until Zarate came on.

Did Allardyce make a mistake? Look at the stats…

Carroll has only scored 9 league goals since he joined back in 2012 where as Bony has scored 22 goals since 2013!!! You can make all the arguments you want about Carroll fact is Bony is less brittle and more potent in front of goal!


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13 thoughts on “Allardyce must be kicking himself now

  1. Its a fact on the way we are today, wherever we are in the league, we are there despite the manager, not because of him. Go for the great big lump, and our skippers mate, rather than the quality striker who can score goals…..And wait for it, the owners will bail me out later.

  2. Well, Andy Carroll certainly does not represent value for money. These days you’ll be disappointed if you see his name in the team sheet. He’s an expensive luxury item that you don’t want to use because you’re afraid of him breaking down.

  3. TBI, whenever you criticise someone they do well immediately afterwards, Nolan and Carroll being recent examples.

    As praising our manager and players is too much to ask, perhaps all you grumpy lot above should give the credit of our success to TBI for slagging us off so much!! 😉

  4. Andy Carroll today proved he wants to be out there, and showed when fully fit he is more than a handful. Credit to the guy, with Sacho, and Valencia we have one of the best strike forces in the premiership.

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