Booing Nolan

Lots of debate on twitter, some agree with it and others don’t….He was a great player and most teams at the height of his career would tell you that Nolan was the player they feared the most.

He got us back to the Prem and he had a great first season but since then he has nosedived in every department. Not Captain material anymore, professional issues, no pace and cant score anymore.

We have seen the best and worst of Kevin Nolan but does he deserved to get booed?


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8 thoughts on “Booing Nolan

  1. No he doesn’t deserve it he had served us well as he has many other teams no hammer should be booed but it’s the management that puts him in and it’s the management who should hand over the captains band to noble . I like the way Nolan had continued to be loyal to the club and give 100% it’s just unfortunate for him and us the that isn’t enough anymore ..

  2. We can disagree with players being in the starting eleven, but booing our own players is wrong.
    For me Nolan is just about a squad player, for now, so I would make him club captain because I believe he does a good job in the changing rooms. But I agree with Jon, Noble should be team captain when on the pitch.

  3. 100% Noble should lead the team out every game, but Nolan has been a good servant and always speaks well when interviewed. I certainly would never boo him & wouldn’t begrudge him the club captaincy.

  4. so captain marvel scores & all is forgiven for hes sendings off at Fulham & Liverpool games in the past oh & now were in December again taxi for Nolan

    • Yes I was there at Fulham lost the game for us and yes I prefer if he wasn’t playing and at Everton I watched his fat arse lose a race which cost us the 2nd goal actually at Christmas been on the gear got the hump yes make u right drop him and wally Downey bad influences

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