Tomkins a right proper queeny!


Also all our best players injured or rested!?

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7 thoughts on “Tomkins a right proper queeny!

  1. Our clueless prat of a manager has cost us more points because of his pathetic stubborn ways. Zarate wasn’t his signing so instead of picking him, he starts Cole, and leaves his arse licker Nolan on for the whole match. Hope the idiots who have brought the crap that he has changed think again.

  2. does Allardyce really have a clue about football? y/day Everton line up included 4 over 30s in there back line there midfield consisted of Osman who is 33 Mirallas just back from injury like Barkley that makes 7-11 who were iffy why didnt he start Jarvis against Hibert & play Zarate off Carroll then as the fat prick couldve changed things instead of chasing a game we should of won what do I know about football alot more than the Northern prick also Tomkins disgrace to wear a West Ham shirt with hes play acting get a life or fuck off out of my club thats it rant over

  3. Tomkins doing his best Rivaldo impression. Embarrassing. Wouldn’t see a rugby player doing this unless he’d had all his front teeth smashed out & his nose broken in 4 places.

  4. I agree with Boleyn too – I think BFS just wanted to see if the old tactics/old guard had any merit. Fingers crossed that everyone that missed out yesterday is back next week.

  5. Zarate is quality scored against palace and got dropped Nolan has had it and Charlton how many times is he going to miscontrol the ball these 2 have done a job but no more please bfs our hearts sank in the Arkle pub before the game Saturday when we heard the team news some wanted to stay in the battle and not go in the ground

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