Sakho and Valencia to be dropped over Xmas

It’s only a twitter rumour but it’s a disturbing one!!

First of all why would you rest two of your best attacking players?

Lose a few games the confidence drains

and why do I have this horrible feeling it’s to sneak Carroll and Nolan back in the squad….?


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8 thoughts on “Sakho and Valencia to be dropped over Xmas

  1. Getting jenkinson in a swap would be fantastic business. Remember Reid is 29 years old too. He ain’t no spring chicken and jenks has years left in him. Not sure who I would replace Reid with though to be honest, it’s a position where there aren’t too many setting the world alight??

    • Great defender in his and potentially gonna go on a free. We really fucked this one up….Reid and Diame commanded a transfer fee of up to 20 Million together and they could in fact end up between 2.5 Million to 5.

      Major loss in revenue that is FUCKING JOKE!!

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