He’s back….


Carroll and Nolan back in the squad together….not sure I like that to be honest.

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6 thoughts on “He’s back….

  1. Actually, unlike Nolan, he did have an impact on the game. Two headers on target in less than three minutes, of which one most keepers would not have stopped. Not bad.

  2. It worries me that clueless can pick Nolan, and bring him on, and not even put Zarate on the bench. Now we have a squad with quality players who can attack from various angles, we need a manager with the ability to use them.
    He’s obsessed with Nolan, and Carroll, and I wonder who will be dropped for Everton to accommodate the skipper.

  3. I guess now we will really see what big Sam is about. Me hen the team has picked itself he has done well this season, now we will see how he uses his squad and if he will simply revert back to type??

  4. We are indeed entering the time where all will be discovered and the masks fall. With Nolan and Carroll available, let’s see what he does. He publicly said Carroll was in a pre-season mode, with his five-six prep matches before reaching fitness level. Which is good. What is not so good is that he also said that yesterday’s was his first match. How can you count as one down, four to go for 5 minutes ? Shouldn’t count as one match, should it ?
    Now regarding Nolan, yes, I am very worried. It is the second or third time he gets thrown into the match when another player would certainly have brought more than him. Against Villa, Amalfitano looked like the obvious choice instead of having Nolan in the middle and Cole on the right wing (and that reminded me what he constantly asked Maiga to do when it wasn’t for him).

    So, in short, we play against “beatable teams” for the next month, and we will see if the manner and results change with more and more of Nolan (not so worried about Carroll if it’s without Nolan). If that happens, we will definitely know it was the team and not the manager that got those results and energy.

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