Adidas v Umbro

Ditching Adidas for Umbro…Are you happy with that?

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7 thoughts on “Adidas v Umbro

  1. Apparently Umbro offered more cash than puma & nike – so, no, I don’t have a problem with the deal. It will no doubt be a deal like the old umbro/adidas deal – that the gear is only available from the club anyway

  2. Problem is who will buy shirts from an old, antiesthetic brand ? Umbro hasn’t been anywhere in years from a quality and design point of view. Plus, no international acceptance. I might be wrong, but I just think it is a horrible marketing decision. While other clubs are taking this seriously, we go for a brand seen as a loser. Not good, even if they initially throw cash in your face to get you to sign. For that matter, why not Lotto, Kappa, Pony, Admiral, Le Coq Sportif or Burda ?

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