The signing of Alex Song

We must sign Alex Song at the end of the season! I don’t know what the deal involves and I pray it involves a view to buy because if we shelled out 15 Million for Andy Carroll then we certainly have that for Song who is different class.

Song is easily the top 3 Midfielder in the Prem right now and players like that give us the edge in games like today. Lots of if’s and but’s also easy to say sign him but some top teams will come in for him at the end of the season and will pay him what he wants.

Here’s hoping we can make this happen!!!

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6 thoughts on “The signing of Alex Song

  1. Yeah totally agree, he is class but other clubs will have noticed him again so it will be tough. Speaking of players what’s happened to Zarate? Is he injured? Vaz Te is in squad over him!

  2. Cant remember a performance where every player gave so much, and was at the top of his game.
    Iv been one of the loudest on here against Allardyce, but its obvious the players are playing for him, and so long may it last. As for Song, the complete performance, a beast, his strength was unbelievable, we must do whatever we can to keep him, and finishing fifth, or sixth could go a long way.

  3. Agree with all of that. I think as supporters we can help by making these guys heros with us. By showing how much they are a part of the club. I know modern footballers aren’t as loyal as they used to be but they didn’t like him at arsenal and Barcelona barely looked at him. I think if we can make him feel loved here well keep him.

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