Well we fucked up….

Reid off on a free FFS!!!!!!


Should of sold that fucker in the Summer grrrrrr…..

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15 thoughts on “Well we fucked up….

    • You know Tom tradionally players that leave WHU go onto lesser things. Only a few have gone onto better….

      My personal Hero Stuart Slater was a real talent at the time and fucked his whole career up after he left.

      Call me bitter but I hope it happens to this greedy wanker as well. Now I have to change my dogs name….

  1. Obviously there is no way to know if the story has any truth. But your headline in the email I got about this post said “We f’d up”. Which we didn’t. He hasn’t signed the new deal on offer to him for months. I, for one, will wish him nothing but the worst if he leaves. Moron Grant brought him to England and he was dire. Utterly out of his depth. To say he showed us loyalty by staying after we went down is ridiculous. No EPL club would have taken him for free back then. Sam taught him how to defend, and THAT’S why any club at all would show any interest. He can go. It’s his right under the contract. But I’m not going to pretend that I’m ok with it.

    • Best defender we have had in years and young. The club that gets him will be pissing themselves just like Hull getting Diame for 3.5 Million, An utter disgrace…..

      We should of raised Diame’s buy out and we should of flogged Reid in the Summer.

      • And if Diame had stayed, who in the middle would you sit in place of him? Kouyate? Song? Noble? Not to mention that it’s only been 4 games at Hull and Diame has shown he is perfectly happy to turn it off for long stretches. As for Reid, I stand by what I said above. He wants to leave. The disgrace in my book is the lack of any gratitude on his part. But that’s likely just me.

  2. I thought if he’s sold in the Jan window we’d get some transfer cash be it not as much as we’d want. Liked Reid but the greedy so and so can go as far as I’m concerned. Look at Liverpool’s record with a few players going there, struggled to settle, Dicks, Carroll just to name 2. Mr Reid be carefull about what you wish for.

  3. I wonder if he spoke to Andy Carroll and Stewart downing about going to Liverpool?? I doubt it. Remember we have absolute destroyed Liverpool this term already. I think that bubble may have burst with the loss of the best forward in world foitball Suarez. So go Winston because as good as you have been for us I think we are on the right track and the scousers have had their day….well pass you on your way down.

    • As much as I understand he thinks he’s making a step forward in his career I can see him sitting on the bench when for us he’s a starter.

      Remember Jonjo Shelvey turning us down for Liverpool? Career went downhill until he left for Swansea. Big club or not it’s pointless sitting on the bench.

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