Why bring on Cole instead of Zarate?

Is this the first time a weak WHU has arse raped Man U at home (even though we lost)

Was it offside?


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10 thoughts on “Questions

  1. He brought on Cole because they were down to 10 and to use him to pin man united down which worked but unfortunately we couldn’t find the finish, I also did question it but I see why

  2. Clueless is still costing us points because of his stubborn ways. Why bring on Nolan, and Carlton when he says players are not match fit, and has Zarate on the bench. The useless fat lump has stumbled into having a decent squad because of the pressure put on him from the owners, and the fans. but does not have the knowledge of how to use it. The most amazing thing is a lot of our fans are now saying he is some kind of genius. UNBELIEVABLE.

  3. It’s all if, buts & maybes. Truth is we played better at Old Trafford than we have in a long time. We had more shots & more on target than Utd, and would have had a draw of the lino had got it right. Still think there are plenty of positives to take. Let’s BATTER QPR next week.

  4. If Noble & Kouyate had been fit would of defo been a different result fair play to the team they did well except for lino who got it wrong will that come back to haunt us end of season? If that had been Man Shit Utd with Fergie still in charge we would never have heard the end of it how many goals have they scored that have been offside & counted

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