Au revoir Diame

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11 thoughts on “Au revoir Diame

  1. Impressive first season, but average since. It doesn’t help that he tried to leave the club during every transfer window. He wanted to play for a top 6 side. No offence to Hull, but they are nowhere near the top 6 and should finish below West Ham, which make this move a step back. He wasn’t getting near the first team with Noble, Kouyate, Downing, Zarate, Nolan (when fit) or Song in form. Good luck to him, except when he plays against the Hammers!

  2. It’s a shame.. Because he is a decent player when he’s playing at his best!
    Only problem is he was inconsistent and always seemed to try and force a move..
    But still sad to see him go!
    Hopefully he plays shit when we play them after the international break!

  3. We signed him from Wigan for nothing – surplus to requirements AND netted 3.5 million from his signing to Hull. I ain’t sad to see him leave

  4. Not sad to see Diame go – good bit of business to off-load him for £3.5 million. He is so inconsistent that he will never play for a bigger club. All we need now is to get rid of the BFS dinosaur….! 😉

  5. Personally like most hammers I rated mo. I thought as a centre midfielder there weren’t many better at times. Yeah he wasn’t as consistent as maybe he should have been but he wasn’t always played as maybe the likes if noble and Nolan have been. He was the first shifted out if position or substituted and I think that does a player no good. There was a time he was a top 4 player and he did try to manufacture moves, which you can’t blame him for, these windows if opportunity are fleeting, so fair play. However, I do feel he may have mugged himself off by going to Hull, however if you look at the signings Steve Bruce has made there, maybe there’s an argument that they may well be a decent side over the next few seasons?? I say good luck and thanks mo, you will be missed,

    • Basically you said it the same as i would have… i thought Hull? is that a good move? but then as u say Hull are building and potentially a good team is emerging…. Diame will definetly improve them if he gives his all, i,ll miss him. good luck Mo MO.

    • This club has had too many players in recent years that were nearly brilliant. Diamanti, Berhami, Ba, Yossi etc etc.spring to mind, but there were many more, but not since say Ashton have we had a truly GREAT player

  6. If West Ham had any sense they would have put a clause in when selling him to Hull that he cant play against us !
    Because as true as eggs are eggs he will score for them !!!!!

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