I don’t get it!!

We’ve spent a good 25 Million on players and he keeps 20 Million worth on the bench and plays Vaz Te who is clearly Championship quality and Carlton Cole if I recall had a bid excepted to go to Bournemouth!!!

The Donkey only thinks it’s time to change when we are fucking losing!!!!! All I can think is that he is trying to force his exit out of the club!

Good knows what Song must make of all of this!

Yep you fucked it up again!

Yep you fucked it up again!


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13 thoughts on “I don’t get it!!

  1. Been saying exactly that for more than 12 months. Some of his team selections, and substitutions are that unbelievable he can only be trying to force the owners hand. Vaz Ta was awful in midweek against Sheff utd, and still starts today. We must act NOW. Pay the useless, fat fraud off.

  2. Personally I think he knows he’s gone with nowt at the end of the season, so would obviously rather get the boot with 3M?? now. Do you really think anybody with half a brain would be tapping the useless twat up.

  3. Screw the next big signing and pay off BFS now, it’ll be cheaper in the long run. If he this is his idea of football with the new signings then he’s done his job and needs to go. The owners too, an admirable effort in the close season with funds but they ain’t really got the dosh to see this through.

  4. can we get rid of Cole Vaz Te O’brien Nolan & Reid as the latter thinks hes better than our great club infact Reid you are a average player in a team that as good players its the manager who is the problem he as too go now if G & S want the OS filled in 2 years time. I will not go under this fat cunt & to be honest saving money for a decent holiday soon rather than line these players pockets.

  5. Well if every fan did what I have done since the Stoke game last season and stayed away from Upton park instead of continuing to line this shower of shit pockets then Allardyce would be gone by now.. But no you all continue to go and pay your money.. I love West Ham and always will but our club is being destroyed by these fools.. An empty stadium for 1 or 2 games and things would soon change!!

    • Agree Scottie
      I’m watching grass roots football with my local team Bracknell. Funny thing is I’m really enjoying it. Great honest football with no prima donnas and for free. I love west ham but like you not prepared to waste money.

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