Going for a Song?

Barcelona flop Alex Song is apparently on his way, in a private jet, to E.13 for a medical on Saturday, with view of signing a season long loan. Song who cost Barça £15 million from Arsenal only 2 years ago & was wanted by Galatasaray, is it seems fancying a move to the Premiership


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13 thoughts on “Going for a Song?

  1. I have to admit… I can’t see this happening he’s a great player, and he’s going to want high wages regardless on whether it’s a loan.
    Can we afford his wages and a defenders wages? Probably not.

  2. Well I’ve read now, that we are trying to get him and Micah Richards, but we must sell a player in order to afford those two loan signings wages.. And the likeliest candidate is Momo Diame!

  3. Surely we won’t sell Reid – BFS has publicly said we’re light on CBs, plus Reid hasn’t said he wants out. Diame on the other hand would appear to have dropped from 1st choice to useful backup, plus he’s a money grabbing f&@k. If he goes & Richards & Song come in, this will be the best summer transfer I can remember.

    • I have to agree, Lee, Reid is highly regarded by the club but they have to offer him a bumper contract offer to keep him as I reakon he might get swayed if not. Mo will go and he should go and Song will be a great signing but we have too many MIDs I would like to see Nolan go but that’s not happening.

  4. I’d sell Diame, he’s average at best. Ried could potentially net us more £££, if that happens, maybe BFS will play Richards as a CB alongside Tomkins or drop Kouyate into defence as we will have Song.

  5. I don’t think that selling Reid and bringing in Richards on loan is good business at all as at the end of the season we have neither. It’s gonna be an interesting few days. I think diame will definately be gone after tomorrow’s game and song will be in and that is a quality bit if business.

    • Reid’s contract is up in the summer and he’ll leave for free! I read somewhere that we offered him 80k pw, he never signed! If we got a an offer between 8-10m, I’d take it!

  6. He’s a better version of diame, if he comes, he’s capable of great things but all depends on if he puts 65% effort in or goes all out. I hope 100% but wouldn’t be surprised to see him take it easy

  7. Of course this whole song deal is only gonna be any good if BFS plays him in his best position and not left side of midfield like he did diame who was best for us when he played in the middle. My faith in the big man to use players correctly is poor to say the least.

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