Anyone here have an opinion on Bloomberg Sports predictions for the final table come May…?


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5 thoughts on “Prediction?

  1. If our defence stays solid and with Zarate,Sakho,Valencia(if he adapts) and plus Carroll due back we should have goals now, the middle is strong especially with Kouatye(who looks like a steal) we could finish in 9th or 10th this season or am i dreaming again? Plus i’d swap Liecester and Villa around and swap Man utd and Liverpool

  2. 1. Man City
    2. Chelski
    3. Goons
    4. Man Utd
    5. Liverpoo
    6. Everton
    7. Scum
    8. Stoke
    9. Sunderland
    10. Hammers
    11. Newcastle
    12. Swansea
    13. Leicester
    14. Southampton
    15. Villa
    16. Hull
    17. QPR
    18. WBA
    19. Palace
    20. Burnley

  3. Would be dissapointed if we finished that low,with the players now in,is a top 10 finish too much to ask for.
    Also am i the only one who does not give a shit about England anymore,must be the poorest squad in living memory with a muppet for manager and a tool for capt.

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