Enner Valencia…

Is shit there I said it. Been banging on about Rhodes for a few seasons now, Hull bid 10 Million and it was turned down but they would of sold for 12. Well we paid that for Valencia who comes from a pisspot league and has cost us millions because of one tournament (thought we learnt that lesson with Savio)

Personally we should of spent that on Rhodes and paired him up front with Sakho who is a far better player and for the fraction of the price!

12 Million

12 Million

3.5 Million

3.5 Million

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18 thoughts on “Enner Valencia…

  1. Jeeze how can you say that after a couple of games? People like you break player confidence. Give him a flipping chance, he has haut left South America for East London!!

  2. Give him a chance, is Sam plays two up front, he will get confidence, it will take a couple of games. Sahko looks good and lively. I’m feeling positive about the way we are trying to play at the moment. Zarate excites me and Nolan not playing great stuff

  3. Well according to sky sports news on the game… Valencia looked good and lively (but then again that’s Paul Walsh)
    I think Valencia needs to adjust! He definitely has the talent there to rip apart defences and take on players.. And Sakho looks dangerous.. Money paid.. Sakho looks a steal! But Valencia has more to come! Remember he isn’t match fit! I think he will surprise us in all fairness!

  4. We need to get a handle on things. Van gaal loses a couple of games and he’s a rubbish manager. Valencia has a couple of poor games and he’s a rubbish player. Both need some time to adjust. Blimey, new country, new league, new team mates, new manager, new challenge. He’ll come good. Let’s have the same conversation at Xmas. Sakho looks very good, he was match fit when we bought him though.

  5. Instead of having a go at someone who trying to settle in a new country, team, get fit, etc, we should be having a look at why the dinosaur continually picks the half wit Vaz Ta. He proved Tuesday night that he isn’t even league one class, as he was awful throughout the match. What is it with Sam, and his ex Bolton rubbish, the man should not be in the stadium, let alone in the first team. You may come back, and say he didn’t cost what Valencia did….but give the man a chance.

  6. Bit harsh, give the lad a chance, if Allardyce plays him in the correct position (highly unlikely!) he will come good I’m sure. Kouyate looks the bargain of the season to me already though.. Let’s just hope Nolan doesn’t get his place back in the team and I’d like to see us keep Diame and play him in centre of midfield and sorry to say this but drop Noble..

  7. Steady now TBI. He’s had only a couple of games and we need to see how well he settles and adapts to the PL.

    After some negative reports I was surprised to see his performance against SU as being fairly reasonable. He had an early chance saved and his penalty wasn’t really a poor one.

    Let’s wait and see. We wouldn’t want to be too hasty again and see him move to another PL club and suddenly hit form…especially against us!!

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