Sam has a very big problem

How can he ever justify the return of Nolan, Captain or not…


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8 thoughts on “Sam has a very big problem

  1. yeah if the team are doing well no need for changes let Nolan sweat for hes place on the bench. Would be even better if he was sold this transfer window as Noble played with hes heart on hes sleeve yesterday as captain

  2. Agree Nolan’s inclusion has never been justified! That won’t stop Allardyce playing him though.. He is a manager that sticks to his favourites regardless of form. I get the feeling Zarate and Valencia were more Sullivan’s signings so the pig headed one won’t play them unless necessary to try and prove a point?!

  3. Lets put this into perspective shall we? It’s just one game! Carlton Cole scored on his debut. We seem to have conveniently forgotten about Nolan’s goals & leadership! Players will have a dip in form, get suspended & have injuries. Like it or not, Nolan will be back! Lets not write him off yet!

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