Lawro predicts…

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I have to agree with Lawro, I cant see anything other then a loss. Carlton is yet again predicted to start and whether our other strikers come on or not SA will play for a draw so will no doubt bring a defender on when we are losing and take a striker off if we are winning…I give up with the fella I really do!!

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10 thoughts on “Lawro predicts…

  1. I can see us losing tomorrow. Palace will be up for it and we wouldn’t score in a brothel at the moment. I can’t see where our goals are going to come from. I think Sahko, Valencia and Zarate have got goals in them, but they can’t score from the dug-out can they? We have the right players, we just don’t have the right tactics or philosophy. I’m going for 1-0 Irons, but if I’m honest I was more certain of a win against Spuds last week than I am against Palace tomorrow. If we lose tomorrow I will have completely lost my appetite for this tripe that Allardyce is serving us all week in week out.

  2. Depends which team is selected. I feel we are capable of winning this one, if we went for it. Not Sam’s way though, he says our new strikers are not quite ready. They are not going to be when there given 12 minutes, or left on the bench totally. If we start Valencia, and Zarate, we can win it 2-1, if we go negative 0-0, or lose late 1-0.

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