Let’s say SA sacked and I take over the club…

for the Palace game…


That’s right his sack of shit tactics right out the window and I’m gonna fucking go for it!! Stick it right up’em!!!


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20 thoughts on “Let’s say SA sacked and I take over the club…

  1. Adrian Demel or Jenkinson Reid Kouyate Cresswell Downing Noble Diame Jarvis Valencia Sakho subs Jussi Poyet Zarate Cole Tomkins Chambers Lee. I know this wont happen but no Nolan or Vaz Te as hopefully there be gone

  2. Your flanks are completely exposed. The squad above by Anonymous looks better, with Downing and Diame out wide.

    Here’s a question though. Should we start with the best first eleven in the best formation and then bring on the ‘lesser’ players as the game goes on, or should we keep some quality on the bench for later (when the oppositions legs are tired) and give the likes of Nolan and Cole a start (knowing that anything less than a great performance will see them subbed by the competition on the bench)?

    I am undecided, but I can’t help but imagine the impact that Sakho and/or Valencia would have with fresh legs against defenders who are tired. I think they would run them ragged.

  3. Hey Elbow, I think it’s Reece Oxford, yeah your dead right, I would play him or Chambers as these are times to blood them and it gives hope & cofidence

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