If Allardyce has any sense….

He will drop




Flog Jarvis, make Noble Captain and play Sakho and Valencia up front….

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7 thoughts on “If Allardyce has any sense….

  1. Yeah I agree or Sahko & Zarate with Valencia as wing. Vaz Te, Cole & Nolan were useless. I thought Cresswell & Koyate were top draw. We played the same as last season, we should of sacked Sam, he didn’t react when Spurs went down to 10 men & bring on demel???

  2. “If” Allardyce has any sense? I think we all knew about 3 seasons ago that he hasn’t got an ounce of sense in his body!

  3. He has no sense!!! Nolan is gaurenteed a place because he’s BFS’ golden boy and we know Nolan licks his arse, the other i have no idea how they in the starting line up yesterday ahead of Zarate, Valencia. Still Elliot Lee cant get on the bench what has the boy got to do?

  4. It’s all a bit boring the Nolan bashing – yes he goes in and out of a game, but in Germany he was one of the better players, and when Caroll is fit we all know how well they work together. And while I’m causing upset, will someone tell Noble to stop taking dead balls.

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