Lawro Predicts…

He’s back….and he predicts….

wt1 wt2

Last season despite injuries we still did them but with a new manager they might be a surprise package this time. If that bloke who cant speak English gets them playing the Saints way with the team they have our defence will be in for a torrid time but if he still hasn’t got them playing the way he wants we might be in with a chance.

I’m totally in the unknown don’t know anything about them under Poch and considering our poor pre-season I don’t know what to expect from us (practically in defence) Ok here goes 3-2 to us!!

What they say

What they say


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19 thoughts on “Lawro Predicts…

  1. I have 2-1 bet down!
    Can’t believe mark noble missed a penalty!
    But they have 10 men now!
    We are definitely in with a chance to win now!

  2. can allardyce fuck off now as this was done on purpose & take that other cunt Mcdonald with you the gormless clueless northern cunt. its 0-0 take off O’Fuckhead & bring on Demel retard for retard great attacking football that drr these 4 shud be gone end of transfer window Nolan Cole Vaz Te Collins if we get 50p will be a touch

  3. Collins wants a rotating pineapple shoved up his arse for being such a dumb cunt when we was a man up. Shocked that Nobes missed a pen. I can see us camping out in the bottom 5 for the majority of the season. I know it’s the first game and I’m being very negative, but in a situation like we was in after half an hour, any top manager would have got the 3pts or at very least 1pt. They are must win games! The Boleyn is going to be a happy hunting ground for many away teams AGAIN!!!
    Fat Fucker Out!!!
    I’m off to get pissed, because I’m right fucking on one!

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