Should we? Will we?


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18 thoughts on “Should we? Will we?

  1. Yep sell him, I agree with Lee, that’s highest offer we have seen for any of our players in ages. Now get Wickham & that Amalintino bloke

  2. I wouldn’t sell Jarvis he’s good he’s main problem is the striker that he’s suppose to be giving service to is always injured and alardyce keeps the same tactic with our average height players and other teams know we don’t change our tactics to suit the other strikers in the team

  3. Omg Norwich have said to stoke that they want 6 million for Nathan Redmond I think he will turn into an excellent player and for that money it’s a steal if anyone from west ham reads this sell Jarvis to west brom spend 6 mill on Redmond and put 1.25 mill in the bank it’s a no brainier !!!!!

  4. I like him, and what if we get injuries? for the money i say keep him, i value him and when he,s on form hes a good player especially with the new style we are supposed to be playing….. DONT SELL..

  5. Keep him. We are trying to build a squad with strength in depth in all areas. He is a good squad player. There’s a lot of people here talking like it’s your own money! I would rather have decent players on the pitch than for Gold & Sullivan to have an extra £7mill in their back pocket! Plus we don’t need to sell to buy new players at the moment.

  6. Jarvis is a good runner with the ball down the flanks and has good delivery. He is more of a wide winger than a winger who can cut inside a lot in, say, a 4-3-3 formation.

    The trouble is he has no real shooting ability. With the exception of that goal against Spurs last season all of his (very few) goals have been fumbled efforts. You would think with such good crossing ability he would be able to take a direct free kick quite well also. But seemingly not.

    With Carroll in the box I can see the logic behind paying big money for a winger with good delivery. But without Carroll, and with this new emphasis on attacking football (also inferring a more attacking formation, e.g. 4-3-3 or 4-4-2), it’s difficult to see how Jarvis will fit in.

    With so much money being offered I say sell him. We have (or can get) other players who can cross the ball.

  7. Sell Jarvis and Vaz Te and go out and buy Jordan Rhodes NOW. We should also try and get a 6 month loan deal in place for centre back Kader Mangane. Just my opinions, but hey why not try for them both.

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