Connor deal sealed?


Last time we did this it meant we had sealed a deal elsewhere so pulled out at last minute, can’t remember which club it was but they were pissed like Metz.

Basically this could only mean one thing, the money they were originally going to spend on Sakho they are going to use to up the Wickham deal and seal it.

Sunderland must of said if you pay…. He is yours…

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11 thoughts on “Connor deal sealed?

  1. Whatever we might gain by signing anybody will not make up the loss of our integrity here. We can add Metz to Osasuna as clubs that will tell us to bugger off any time we ask about a player. And Max Gradel last year. Oh, and let’s not forget Kolo a few weeks ago. Our lack of class in these transactions will not be forgotten by many people within the game.

  2. Ever since our amateur owners, and the moron manager have been involved in our great club, our reputation has been in the gutter. Get out all of you, your unprofessional, and clueless.

    • I personally think Moyes has been already lined up to replace SA. Just a hunch but I would of thought he would of found a club by now, wonder if they have said ‘give it a few months and the job is your’s’

  3. we signed the players in early then discover there not fit can only happen at West Ham the friendlys in New Zealand & Germany proved pointless & still same old G & S telling everyone who were in for why can’t they keep there mouths shut do the deal like other teams can see us getting no one in for the first game all they do is spout hot air. Please sell OUR club to a billionaire arab so we can compete on the pitch you rip the fans off season after season with tkt imcreases for shit football enough is enough all of you out esp BFS hoofball

  4. We can sign whoever we want it won’t matter. Sam simply won’t play them anyway. He will play Nolan, huge head O’ Brien etc. he is looking to sign wickham to do what Carroll does until he is fit again and then regardless of how Connor has done he will be ousted. Elevated ticket prices, new kits every year, shit football, tarred reputation by pulling out of transfers and signing players on loan we never use, for me my club is at an all time low. 40 years a hammer and I have never been so embarrassed by our corporate image and the way we conduct our business both on and off the pitch. Add Brady prancing around on the back of being a director at one if the countries biggest clubs and I’ve just about had it. If BFS doesn’t hit the ground running sat he has to go and if the following appointment isn’t someone we can all really get behind then the board will have to go to!!!!!!!!

    • Ha ha “Huge Head O’brian” I couldn’t stop laughing at that, quality. I totally agree with your spray, surely the board can see the fans disgust, I reakon he is still there cause he has met his “Don’t get relegated clause” and the payout will be huge and G&S won’t pay it! O’brian does have a big head I will be looking for it now! Ha ha

  5. If reports are true West Ham aint signing Connor Wickham over to you Mr Sullivan who keeps banging on how they try 24/7 to sign a striker ha ha its the fucking tosser of a manager we have that no one wants to come & ruin there career by hoofball

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