Squad and injury list


This is the injury list, when was Kouyate injured? Ravel not listed? O’Brien not listed? Also an unfit Valencia (still cant believe it) so a patched up squad this weekend. Would be priceless if we got one over them again with the squad we are going to turn out but I fear a loss…


Fill in the gaps, give some tips…


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12 thoughts on “Squad and injury list

  1. Wouldn’t suprise me – if the side that starts against $pur$ will be about the same we ended the season with……with us saying we NEEDED to sign some players in the summer……oh well

  2. Its about time Nolan was fucked off out of our club he brings fuck all to the team why do G & S not see this & get him off the wage bill theres a team Sarf of the river recruiting shit off you go Nolan to the pikey scum. next on sky sports on sat they were giving it large about the marseille player who was on loan at west brom last season as close to signing also talks btween metz striker sakho coming suprise suprise West Ham have lost the pen again how much longer have we got to suffer Stadler & Waldorf at the realm also Miss Piggy

  3. hey Boleyn if hes that bad a player why were West Ham in for him? as you know West Ham fans get tkt price increase to watch championship football not champions league football we want to see quality signings not over the hill donkeys ie Carroll never fit Cole in my opinion is finished & the arse licker Nolan so weve spent over 20 million whoopi fucking do other clubs spend that on 1 player

  4. Potts will probably start at left back, if O’Brien is fit he will be right back. Jarvis will probably start in place of Poyet and Cole in place of Zarate. Meaning that we will start the season with no new players in the squad even though we have signed 7!

  5. I agree. Lee has been making good progress and he needs a few first team outings to get that experience to enhance his development. I really rate the lad and hope we actually nurture him and not just keep shipping him out on loan to League One & Two clubs for the next two seasons then release him. Basically like we have done with all of our best youth players over the past few years.

  6. No one at our club is prepared to gamble so lee won’t develop with us. Fat boy sells off all our talent so unless things change it will be the tried and tested and Rodney and del boy are exactly the same. The same suitcase, the same perfumes, the same sales pitch, but these wide boys have an expensive toy that they are breaking…

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