So what did I learn in the last week?

I’ve been away for a week so when I came back I had a look at what I missed….

1. We’ve scored one goal during pre-season so goal drought still on

2. Half our squad is either injured or unfit (Valencia came back unfit from the world cup!?)

3. 15 Million quid later we are still desperate to find a goal scorer and have put in various bids for yet more goal scorers

To me it would appear that we could throw another 20 Million at the problem we are never going to find a goal scorer, years later we are still trying to solve the problem ‘How does West Ham improve solve their problem called goals?’

Crouch is another rumour, for free I say go for it but if the rumours are true that Stoke want 3 Million for a player that sits on the bench then they are mugs for even thinking about it!!

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8 thoughts on “So what did I learn in the last week?

  1. Did you also learn that ravel is brain dead?? You would think after the week he has had he would keep his head down….nope not this lad, he tweets a picture of himself in a flashy car wearing….get arsenal shirt!!!!
    Who advises this kid??? Is he really that thick???

  2. If the Crouch rumours are true then G & S have lied again as there policy was an under 27 player age the guy is 33 ffs id rather sign Sakho as hes 24 & as got age on hes side also FAT SAM OUT

  3. I read tonight that we are in talks with Crouch……As a lot of posts have pointed, and I agree, by using Lee we surely have enough forwards to start the season with, and at the end of the day….Carroll does not score that many goals anyway. If (please god we have not) we have agreed to pay Stoke 3M…. that could of paid the useless, clueless, one trick pony, we have as a manager off. There’s not a day that goes by that I feel our owners are more, and more pathetic.

  4. I’m not a peter crouch fan by any stretch if the imagination but he does what Carroll does but he scores goals too. He does exactly what it says on the tin…..I personally wouldn’t sign him but if we do, a one year contract with a £2 million fee may just about do it??

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