Malaga CF 2v0 West Ham United


West Ham United: Adrian, Jenkinson, Reid, Burke, Cresswell, Noble (c), Whitehead, Diame, Jarvis, Vaz Te, Zarate
Subs: Jaaskelainen, Kouyate, Lletget, Downing, Cullen, Lee, Nasha, Poyet, Potts, Fanimo

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8 thoughts on “Malaga CF 2v0 West Ham United

  1. This is embarrassing. I know Malaga are a half decent side but we are playing worse than a non league side. Sack Sam now! Sort it out before it’s too late! We won’t get away with playing this bad in the league.

  2. In 2 yrs time West Ham move into a new stadium so Mr Gold & Sullivan tell me how you can attract 20, 000 more fans after watching this dross over the weekend well you got the dung heap in & they only attract shit & at the moment thats West Ham to a tee fucking shit il not go next season can only see the championship again grr

  3. Our pathetic owners are nearly as bad for this once great club as our pathetic clueless manager.
    They should of acted last May, and I think they know that now, but do not have the bottle to admit they were wrong.
    Surely by now the useless dinosaur should of tried at least once to of played as near as possible to the starting eleven for the spuds match, instead he’s suddenly crazy on playing our youth.
    For me the self obsessed, stubborn, out of date lump is still begging the owners to pay him off so he can walk with his big check. For the sake of the Vast, vast, majority of proper Hammers fans, please see sense, and pay the wanker off, NOW.

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