Fingers crossed?

The Express were reporting that DG had tweeted ‘fingers crossed’ to a twitter who asked if the SA sacking day had arrived. I’m seriously doubting his was tweeted now.

I cant find anything on DG’s page (unless he deleted it) and there is at least one fake account out their that I know of. Has anyone seen this tweet when it happened?

Why would he tweet that? Has it gone quiet because they are looking for a replacement? Lots of questions and a serious lack of answers…

nicked from the Express website

nicked from the Express website

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4 thoughts on “Fingers crossed?

  1. What on earth is happening at our club. I like many want bfs gone but surely not this way. A bitter divorce with both sides arguing in front of the kids, breaking down the family unit until the kids respect neither parent. I think the time has come for g & s to bite the bullet and put the dog out if it’s misery and this time do the right thing by the kids and get a new man in who we can love……I say bilic!!!!

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