Wouldn’t be surprised if we have a new manager before 16th Aug

Thankfully I didn’t stay up to watch the Sydney disaster but clicked my livescore app the moment I woke to check out the score FUCK 3-1 LOSS FFS!! I said to myself but still I had a little excitement when I saw we had scored (scoring is hard to come by at our club) yeah you guessed it own fucking goal.

Anyway didn’t post this to talk about the game I posted this because the daggers are officially out and it’s only the 26th of July!! I knew patience would be thin but this quick!? Yet again another mistake by the board to keep him.

First game against the enemy if we get a tonking there will be riots, SA is now saying Zarate is shit and it wasn’t his choice to buy him it was the directors so he will be a bench warmer, then said new style of play is the reason why we are playing shit (yes dig number two at the board)

Dig number 3 is the Ravelgate, Allardyce wants the cunt out the door and the board want to keep him (player number 2 to bench warm next season and dig number three to the directors)

Allardyce wont get sacked because of poor results during pre season but he most certainly will get sacked publicly blaming his bosses for the mess at the club (of course it isn’t his fault…)

Last but not least beside the fact that Sullivan is the only one that wants rid of SA we have Carrollgate. Whether it’s bad luck or not Sullivan has said Carroll along with many others have been disaster signings which we stand to lose millions on and he puts the blame squarely at SA’s feet.

Now after reading all of that can you honestly see Allardyce being our manager on the 16th of August????


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17 thoughts on “Wouldn’t be surprised if we have a new manager before 16th Aug

  1. Get rid now, this is a fucking public embaressment, the board and manager squabbling in public how unproffesssional is that!! We all knew Carroll was a mistake, Zarate didnt exactly set the Prem alight last time at Brum, Rav’s got an attitude problem but he’s a real talent and can be tamed see’Arry. Get Moyes or Di Matteo in they’re out of work plus on a side note with Carroll out of the picture should we also now go after Rhodes?

  2. Fatso was hired primarily to do a specific job, one that came with a million pound bonus if he just did his job right and he even came close to fucking that up. If the owners cared about West Ham United, the supporters and football in general, they should’ve thanked him, paid him and waved him farewell at the promotion party.
    THEY are the ones who paid him an extraordinary amount of cash to do a job that was far easier than most managers have to deal with.
    THEY are the ones who then extended his contract with a salary far in excess of what the job warranted.
    THEY are the ones who sanctioned deals costing millions more than their true worth.
    Fatty is what he is, a Bermondsey scab, an ugly scar on the face of the beautiful game, he does things his way and doesn’t even apologise for it, but THEY knew that, THEY brought a metaphoric mad dog into the family home and now THEY want to blame the dog for acting its natural self.

    I know who I blame.

  3. Two wingers that can’t cross one up front. Diame that won’t pass. And Collins and Reid hitting it long. Someone tell me what’s changed from last year

  4. I can’t believe fat Sam has not gone yet. Constantly playing players out of position and scared to put 2 up top. Get someone new in now please before we get relegated this season because we will if Sam is still in charge.

  5. I hope G & S sell to the highest bidder get rid of the fat wank the club as been on a slippery slope past few seasons & as not been nice to watch we need a Bilic to put smiles on our faces again not the dross being served up at the mo with well over the odds prices

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