Is it wise to stick with Allardyce for another season?

Let’s be honest after the Sullivan rant it’s as clear as day Allardyce will be gone by the end of next season regardless of what happens.

We know that and he knows that. So if you were in his shoes would you give a shit? During next season his agent is going to be trying to secure him another job for the season after and that’s all that will be playing in SA’s mind not if he can keep us up.

Remember Grant? He knew he was a dead man walking and consequently didn’t give a shit and the same will happen to us under Allardyce.

Personally I would say get rid now because nothing good will come of next season, already the daggers are out and the season is still a month away!!!


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6 thoughts on “Is it wise to stick with Allardyce for another season?

  1. I’m no expert – but is that the THIRD division winner trophy – he won at Notts.,Co – from 1998 season? & is that the ONLY bit of silverware BFS has won both as player & manager?

  2. As a professional manager, the fat cunt will, in his own way, give a shit, he’s never been relegated as a manager himself don’t forget, it’s sorting his shit out that has seen his previous clubs through the trapdoor so I’d see him off now ( I’d never have contemplated his appointment in the first place).
    I type this having just watched the latest disaster from the antipodes, woeful doesn’t begin to describe our performance, painful to watch, no positives whatsoever and losing Demel to what looks like a hamstring to boot. I think Rick was bang on when he called Wellington a pub team the other day, the Kiwi co-commentator said that the two host sides were on par with the low championship/ top league one sides. That says it all !
    Get rid of Allardyce now.

  3. Ok, so I think we are again at a point where the club needs to decide in which direction it wants to go. The talk is alladyce will definately keep us up….I disagree, we are as much fodder for the drop as anyone else. The talk is another boss will take us down…again I disagree depending on who we choose and that will be down to the style of football our club chooses to play. Swansea, Southampton, Everton have all played football and survived and comfortably. We don’t need alladyce to survive, we simply need a sound direction off the pitch and the right manager to direct that. Now g and a is where your 20 years of experience now kicks in…….show us what you got!!!

  4. Allardyce, & his style of play will get us relegated next season – without a ball kicked, I feel VERY uneasy about this presason performance. This was our best XI?

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