Carroll v Dyer

Earlier today I was having a heated discussion about Andy fucking Carroll and the debate was who has turned out to be the worst deal?

Dyer or Carroll?

Price tag

Dyer – 6 Million

Carroll – 15 Million

Contract length

Dyer –  4yrs

Carroll  – 5yrs


Dyer – 60k a week

Carroll – 80k a week

Games played

Dyer – 30 games in 4 seasons

Carroll – 39 games (so far) in 2 seasons

So looking at those stats who has turned out to be the worst deal?



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8 thoughts on “Carroll v Dyer

  1. We bought the bloke injured and injured he shall stay!! Both a complete waste of dosh!! At least we can still get 8 games a season out if carroll. It was a gamble buying a crooked player and I just hope the gamble pays off. It’s just that every time he jumps, goes in for a challenge or even falls on the floor we will always think the worst now…

    • There all the same the big heavy forwards..!!!! He’s got to much timber on him for all he’s jumping about..coz that’s all he does is knock downs!! So his ankles n that can’t take his fat arse!!

  2. From wiki: In May 2010 figures in the Daily Telegraph stated that Dyer, who had made only 22 appearances and had never played a full 90 minutes for West Ham, was the club’s top earner on £83,000-a-week. His deal included £424,000-a-season for image rights and £100,000 in loyalty fees.

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