Before and after


andy1 andy2



Yeah it’s fucked Jim!

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10 thoughts on “Before and after

  1. Lol I can’t get my head around it, I’m still hoping he kicks in this year. My mates are smashing me regarding the result against Wellington, I hope they beat Sydney FC or I’m laying low for a while

  2. Chin up Ben. The amount of times pre season results have been the complete opposite to the actual season has always amazed me!

  3. Hey…There’s a plus side, if Carroll’s out for a few weeks, and then he needs to get fit, it might make the inept manager play a different style, with Zarate, and Velencia as our attack. But im not sure he would know haw to.
    Its just winding me up, wev spent nearly as much paying off players that were not given a chance, as we could of paid getting rid of this dinosaur.

  4. Carroll out – it seems, though a bit vague – ‘between 2 to 4 months’ – which in Carrolls case means 4

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